I have a project that uses firebase auth with google and facebook, and it worked fine until some weeks, in which the ide sent me this error

Cannot resolve symbol default_web_client_id

I don't know how to solve it because in my firebase console, the sha-1 key that I generated and added when I created the project has disappeared and does not allow me to add the key again showing me this message

Mensaje de error

I followed the instructions on the help site and check my list of credentials in the google api console

Lista de credenciales

and i don't know what's the issue with firebase to add my sha-1 key

Please help


Well The solution is simple and easy. Most of the developers finds the error when they closed the project and reopen it then the default_web_client error results.


You need to add the client id in the




For the client id(xxxxxxxxx) you can go to Firebase console and paste here.


This video will guide you properly.

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