My script uses PySide2 to use Qt in Python. The script requires transparency (can see desktop behind window).

I use Ubuntu with X11, LXQT and Compton. Transparency works for regular windows like browser and text editor, but not for my python script.

Transparency is set via background: url(bg_with_transparency.png) but I also tested with rgba color and w.setWindowOpacity(0.5) without success.

Following flags are set: (Window must also be click-through)

w.setWindowFlags(w.windowFlags() |
    QtCore.Qt.WindowTransparentForInput |
    QtCore.Qt.X11BypassWindowManagerHint |
    QtCore.Qt.WindowStaysOnTopHint |
w.setAttribute(QtCore.Qt.WA_NoSystemBackground, True)

Without WA_TranslucentBackground and WA_NoSystemBackground the image displays with a black background instead of transparency. When I enabled these flags without compositing, the window displayed pure black. After I enable Compton, the window does not display at all (no error) and QtX11Extras.QX11Info.isCompositingManagerRunning() returns false.

How to fix this? I prefer to use PySide2 and Python but I am open to other GUIs or programming languages, as long as the script works with Ubuntu and has following features:

  • Transparency (background is PNG with rgba)
  • Click through capability
  • Always on top


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