How to fetch&merge main repository and do the same for all submodules using single command?

I have a repository A which includes submodule B. Submodule B is often updated and changes are not always up to date.

I can update and merge new changes by doing following

cd A/B    <-- enter submodule directory
git pull  <-- run pull to fetch and !!merge!! submodule changes

What I want to do is to run single command to pull&merge main repository and do the same with all submodules.

cd A                           <-- Now enter to parent directory
git pull --recurse-submodules  <-- Fetch&merge changes on main repository
                               <-- and pull changes on all submodules 

What actually happens is:

  1. Changes on repository A are fetched and merged => OK
  2. Changes on submodule repository B are only fetched and not merged => NOK

Current solution is:

cd A
git pull --recurse-submodules
cd B
git merge   <-- Now merge fetched changes from submodule remote


cd A
git pull --recurse-submodules
git submodule foreach git merge origin master

Other questions I checked, without luck:

Easy way to pull latest of all git submodules

Run git pull over all subdirectories

Running git --help pull on git version 2.20.1 I see this message:

BUGS Using --recurse-submodules can only fetch new commits in already checked out submodules right now. When e.g. upstream added a new submodule in the just fetched commits of the superproject the submodule itself can not be fetched, making it impossible to check out that submodule later without having to do a fetch again. This is expected to be fixed in a future Git version.

Is this related to the issue?

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