Am trying to decode a concatenated String like below ...

 PT05A1219PY023 PT 05 A 12 19 P Y 023  
 PT55A1019PX02  PT 55 A 10 19 P X 02  
 PT33SE2215SW023    PT 33 SE 22 15 S W 023  
 PT05A2216PW023(LC) PT 05 A 22 16 P W 023 (LC) 

am looking for a smarter way rather than hard-coded rules as the input will have variations(number of characters and digits), I came across SEQ2SEQ model and I want to know if it's possible to use it in such problem I already followed some tutorials to get a taste of it, but the results weren't even close it also seems there are 2 approaches character level and word level as per this tutorial

Character level:

Input sentence: SQCACA333BA71A
Decoded sentence: P 9(PDD366AZ2IDD4K )F)F(L)L)1)1)1)        6A
Input sentence: SQCAAC152DA71A
Decoded sentence: P 9(PDD366AZ2IDD4K )F)F(L)L)1)1)1)        6A

am still trying to implement the word level, but I'd like to know if the problem can be solved using this approach (seq2seq)

  • Do you have a fixed number of possible words? – xashru Feb 3 at 10:13
  • no, because the number of words varies on the input, and this is won't be fixed – Exorcismus Feb 3 at 10:36
  • I mean in the vocabulary. Do you know how many possible words you have in the vocabulary? – xashru Feb 3 at 10:53
  • @xashru, no, won't be known – Exorcismus Feb 3 at 11:06

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