I'm trying to do feature extraction text with Sklearn, however I'm getting error

Type error:fit_transform() missing 1 required positional argument: 'raw_documents'

It seems I have to make complete some arguments with missing raw document, but i cannot find what is the caused the error, here's my code:


When running in the Jupyter notebook console I get the following errors:

    TypeError   Traceback (most recent call last)\
<ipython-input-3-614f2fa78a04> in <module>()
----> 1 features=TfidfVectorizer.fit_transform(data.status).toarray()
      2 label=data.label
      3 features.shape

TypeError: fit_transform() missing 1 required positional argument: 'raw_documents'

In scikit-learn, everything with a fit_transform is an instance of some type, which is to say that you'll need to initialize that instance first, where you are calling fit_transform as if it were a staticmethod.

So, either create the instance by letting vectorizer = TfidfVectorizer() and use vectorizer.fit_transform(data.status), or just use TfidfVectorizer().fit_transform(data.status) directly.

You can see this by having a look at the docs, noting that you seem to indeed be passing the only required argument, and recalling that instance methods in Python come with an implicit parameter, typically called self, so that what's happening in your code is that you're passing data.status as self, while raw_documents is left unset.

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