I am currently trying to make a progress bar for my own custom player. For some reason, getDuration() is returning a value whether it is treated like the widget's getDuration with a callback function or as if it just pulling a value.

(duration is declared globally which after testing doesn't seem to make a difference in the problem)

duration = player.getDuration();
var minutes = (duration / 1000) / 60;
var strMin = "" + Math.floor(minutes);
var strSec = "" + Math.floor((minutes - Math.floor(minutes)) * 60);
var pad = "00";
var text = strMin + ":" + pad.substring(0, pad.length - strSec.length) + strSec;

This is how the API says it would be handled based on description and it is how the other methods from the class work but passing in a callback function also does not work.

  • Can you clarify the question a little more? In one sentence you say it is returning a value, but the question title says you are not getting a value. You also mention a callback function, which is not show in your sample code. – tshimkus Feb 3 at 18:58
  • The issue has been resolved which I self-commented but am unable to set as the accepted answer yet based on stackoverflow's website rules. – Steve Cook Feb 4 at 5:47

For anyone that isn't thinking straight like I was, the player doesn't pull any of the information until buffering/playback starts. Putting the code excerpt inside of a listener for the play-start event of the player fixed the issue.

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