Trying to use the answer from here: In a javascript array, how do I get the last 5 elements, excluding the first element?

I am using express / node.

I have

var texts = [{"id":1, "content":"one"}, {"id":2, "content":"two"},{"id":3, "content":"three", "id":4, "content":"four"];

In my get request, I tried responding like this:

app.get('/api/texts/', function (req, res, next) {
    res.json(texts.slice(3, 1));

but this responds with [] and nothing else. Any idea why?


app.get('/api/texts/', function (req, res, next) {

The above properly prints out all the elements inside texts. It's just when I change it to res.json(texts.slice(3,1)); it prints out [].

  • 1
    1 is less than 3 – guest271314 Feb 4 at 2:18
  • @Andy I push elements to the array with push requests before using doing the get request. – user2719875 Feb 4 at 2:18
  • [...'12345'].slice(3,1)//[] What is the expected result? To get the last N indexes of an array, excluding the first index of the array? – guest271314 Feb 4 at 2:20
  • Use a for loop... Come on! – NVRM Feb 4 at 2:22
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    The marked answer in your linked question uses Math.max to choose one number from two numbers. Your code doesn't do that. – Andy Feb 4 at 2:23

array.slice(x,y) cant have an x < y. it will always return an empty array.

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