I am not able to cofigure the configuration file for mongos. How do i set the configurations?


Step 1) Create a separate database for the config server.

mkdir /data/configdb

Step 2) Start the mongodb instance in configuration mode. Suppose if we have a server named Server D which would be our configuration server, we would need to run the below command to configure the server as a configuration server.

mongod –configdb ServerD: 27019

Step 3) Start the mongos instance by specifying the configuration server

mongos –configdb ServerD: 27019

Step 4) From the mongo shell connect to the mongo's instance

mongo –host ServerD –port 27017

Step 5) If you have Server A and Server B which needs to be added to the cluster, issue the below commands


Step 6) Enable sharding for the database. So if we need to shard the Employeedb database, issue the below command


Step 7) Enable sharding for the collection. So if we need to shard the Employee collection, issue the below command

Sh.shardCollection("db.Employee" , { "Employeeid" : 1 , "EmployeeName" : 1})

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