I have an application where users input a large number of data fields and then wish to produce Excel spreadsheets from custom queries on the data.

For single-table queries, I can return an IEnumerable<T> and use the LoadFromCollection() method in EPPlus to create the spreadsheet with only the requested columns, eg:

List<string> fieldNames = userFieldsParam;

var data = Entities.MainStatements
           .Where(ms => ms.FinancialYear.YearString == finYearParam);
var displayFields = typeof(MainStatements).GetMembers()
                    .Where(st => fieldNames.Contains(st.Name)).ToList();

worksheet.Cells["a2"].LoadFromCollection(data, false, OfficeOpenXm.Table.TableStyles.None, 
                      BindingFlags.Default, displayFields.ToArray());

However, as the users' queries span related tables, my query returns a Dynamic Class (not an IEnumerable<T>), which doesn't load.

var data = Entities.MainStatements
           .Where(ms => ms.FinancialYear.YearString == finYearParam)

I've tried using the (OP's) solution here, by returning an IEnumerable with all the columns (including .Included table columns), but cannot work out how to get MemberInfo data from related tables. First I tried including the table name in the requested column list, but GetMembers() didn't add them.

Next I tried to create a MemberInfo for each of the individual tables, but when I tried to add table name information to collate them in one list, I found that MemberInfo is readonly.

foreach (MemberInfo mi in typeof(RevenueStatements).GetMembers().Where(rs => fieldNames.Contains(rs.Name)))
  mi.Name = "RevenueStatements." + mi.Name;     <-- Property or indexer mi

How do I populate an Excel spreadsheet from a multi-table query result with custom columns using EPPlus (or other 3rd party solution)? Specifically, how do I tell EPPlus which columns to include from the related tables?

  • Create a custom class with all the properties and map to that instead of a dynamic class. – VDWWD Feb 4 '19 at 12:59
  • @VDWWD Do you mean a class with all possible query fields as it's properties? Won't the resulting spreadsheet be filled with blanks? I still don't see how to restrict the EPPlus output to only the columns selected. Can you possibly expand on your comment? – mcalex Feb 5 '19 at 6:54
  • You have to create a class with all the properties you are fetching in Entities.MainStatements. If you have datasets with different columns/tables etc you have to create a class for each scenario. – VDWWD Feb 5 '19 at 8:23
  • The problem is, as described, users select which fields to report on - from a large (350+ fields) set of data - not just MainStatements, but also its related tables (eg RevenueStatements, ExpenditureStatements). Users may be interested in reporting on a half-dozen fields, or half the total number. – mcalex Feb 5 '19 at 8:44
  • Does the excel contain 350 columns also? – VDWWD Feb 5 '19 at 8:53

Build a DataTable using your results and write to excel using EPPlus method LoadFromDataTable();

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