I'm not able to create a new project in the android studio. I am getting a warning message

java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find a JavaToKotlinConversionProvider, even though one should be bundled with Studio at com.android.tools.idea.npw.model.JavaToKotlinHandler.getJavaToKotlinConversionProvider(JavaToKotlinHandler.java:56) at com.android.tools.idea.npw.template.TemplateValueInjector.addKotlinVersion(TemplateValueInjector.java:410)


Go to file and the plugin in android studio and update your Kotlin plugin...

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You're not alone. Since upgrading to Android Studio 3.3 I get this same error when attempting to create a new project from the Startup Screen, or from the File menu. The process creates the project folder and a '.idea' folder with a single file 'workspace.xml'

That's all.

  • The solution is to wait for a bugfix? – Jeroen Heier Feb 6 at 5:29

Go to Preferences -> Plugins -> Kotlin and update the Kotlin plugin to the last version even though you don't write your code in Kotlin.


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