I've got my webpack optimization configured as follows:

optimization: {
    runtimeChunk: 'single',
    minimize: false,
    splitChunks: {
        chunks: 'all',
        maxInitialRequests: Infinity,
        minSize: 0,
        cacheGroups: {
            config: {
                test: /[\\/]app[\\/]js[\\/]config[\\/]/,
                minSize: 0
            vendors: {
                test: /[\\/]node_modules[\\/]/,
                name(module) {
                    // get the name. E.g. node_modules/packageName/not/this/part.js
                    // or node_modules/packageName
                    const packageName = module.context.match(/[\\/]node_modules[\\/](.*?)([\\/]|$)/)[1];

                    // npm package names are URL-safe, but some servers don't like @ symbols
                    return `npm.${packageName.replace('@', '')}`;

This work perfectly and generates all the bundles I want. BUT, I don't want the config bundle to be minified. All the other bundles should be minified though. So far I've only found a global setting, minimize: true/false. I there another, more granular way of setting this?

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Check the documentation about optimization.minimizer setting and chunkFilter option. You should set a name for config chunk. And add something like this to your optimization settings:

minimizer: [
  new TerserPlugin({
    chunkFilter: (chunk) => {
      if (chunk.name === 'CONFIG CHUNK NAME') {
        return false;

      return true;

Note that you need to require the plugin: const TerserPlugin = require('terser-webpack-plugin');.


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