I want to create an abstract method which can return an Observable or Relay.

It gives me below error i.e. use of undeclared type 'type'

enter image description here

  • The BehaviorRelay init is already generic and an abstract method would be in a protocol, not a class. What is the problem that you are trying to solve? – Daniel T. Feb 7 at 22:46
  • You can see there is a function called createObservables(), I want to create many variables in there using the createBehaviourRelay method that I am trying to define. I don't want to use everytime the word BehaviourRelay – Anirudha Mahale Feb 8 at 15:26
  • And even I was planning to inherit this class and create required BehavorRelays in the base class using method createBehaviorRelay by passing the type and value. – Anirudha Mahale Feb 8 at 15:29
  • Why don't you want to use the word BehaviorRelay? Why do you think that createBehaviorRelay(Bool.self, value: false) is better to write than BehaviorRelay(value: false)? – Daniel T. Feb 8 at 17:41

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