So, Splat provides two ways to retrieve a service:

var s1 = Locator.Current.GetService<IMyService>();
var s2 = Locator.CurrentMutable.GetService<IMyService>();

Documentation is unclear about which way we should use.

So what is the difference between these two? Which one should we use? Which one should we avoid?


Locator.Current is ReadOnly version, should be used unless you are registering services. Locator.CurrentMutable is read/write version, should only be used when registering services.

They both point towards the same locators, just based on use cases which variable you use.


  • use CurrentMutable to register services,
  • use Current whenever you need to retrieve them.
  • Sooooo... Should I use Locator.CurrentMutable only during registration and Locator.Current any other time? Is this the right approach? – Dima Feb 5 at 8:27
  • Yep thats correct. Both point towards the same thing though. – Glenn Watson Feb 5 at 8:28

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