I am using below configuration setting for session management on Redis. Now due to some security reasons I need to encrypt the connection string.
What is the way to doing this.
Below is the configuration which I am using in my web config file.

<sessionState mode="Custom" customProvider="MySessionStateStore">
     <add applicationName="testapp" loggingClassName="Logger" 
          ssl=false,password=xxx" name="MySessionStateStore" 
          host="" accessKey="" ssl="true" />

Edit 1

The is no other code in my project where I can decrypt the connection string. I wanted to know that only.
Do I require to overwrite any class or is there any way?

  • kindly leave the comment if you down vote. – शेखर Feb 5 at 8:25
  • Possible duplicate of Encrypting Connection String in web.config – Shree Feb 5 at 8:31
  • Note: SE.Redis itself doesn't have anything to do with config files - it literally doesn't have code to even look; anything related to config files is some higher level provider, presumably some kind of "asp.net redis session-state provider", not SE.Redis; what you're probably looking for here is "encrypting arbitrary web.config sections", but I don't know anything about that – Marc Gravell Feb 5 at 8:49
  • @MarcGravell thanks for clarifying. – शेखर Feb 5 at 11:45

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