I create an application that client (vue) runs on localhost:3000 and server (express) on localhost: 8080.

I use passport-google-oauth20 strategy to log in using google and only JWT token. My Question is: How do I redirect to a client in a callback strategy so that the receives information about the logged-in user on client side? I'm using in passport jwt, which i send on local-login strategy and there everything works. At the moment, it looks like this to me:

    passport.authenticate('google', { session: false, scope: ['email', 'profile']})

    passport.authenticate('google', { session: false }), (req, res) => {

        // let token = sign(req.user);

        // how to redirect to the CLIENT, 
        // who will receive data about the logged-in user?
        // how get user data, catch this situation?
  • probably the only solution is to pass the value in a cookie – JanuszO Feb 11 at 10:59

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