So, I have been working with some texts.

I've trying to separate the text in multiple blocks when I encountered '$'sign in text. In my example I used two richTextBox. I tried using lists, and Split() method but it didn't work so well.

StreamReader read = new StreamReader(@"texte\Senzatii\definirea&caracterizarea_senzatiilor.txt");
        string lines = "";

        int state = 1;
        while ((lines = read.ReadLine()) != null)
            if (lines == "$".ToString())
                state = 2;

            if (state == 1)
                richTextBox1.Text = richTextBox1.Text + lines + "\n";
                richTextBox2.Text = richTextBox2.Text + lines + "\n";

This method works, it splits the text into two block of texts, but it doesn't look so good. Is there a better way to split the text into two blocks of text, a more c# way, solution to do this ?

  • It would help if you'd provide a sample file – Rango Feb 5 at 13:40

I tried using lists, and Split() method but it didn't work so well.

Hard to help with almost no informations. But if you want to split on this $ sign. What's wrong with:

string[] bothParts = File.ReadAllText(@"texte\Senzatii\definirea&caracterizarea_senzatiilor.txt")
string firstPart = bothParts[0];
string secondPart = bothParts.ElementAtOrDefault(1);

richTextBox1.Text = firstPart;
richTextBox2.Text = secondPart;
  • works just fine ! Thanks ! – ChJ16 Feb 5 at 13:59

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