I installed the module pg_stat_statements but I don't think it would allow me to monitor the activity of one particular Client for instance.

I am trying to spy on the SQL generated by one particular web application to evaluate potential performance improvements

Is there something equivalent to SQL Server profiler in Postgresql on AWS?


Apparently, I can use the setting "log_statement".

UPDATE pg_settings 
  SET setting = 'all' 
  WHERE name = 'log_statement';

SELECT pg_reload_conf();

In a local (Windows) install of postgresql, it affects all sessions AND I can see the statements in the log file.

Under Amazon RDS, I found that this is only affecting my current session AND I can see the statements in the Amazon-RDS log

To some extent, the AWS feature "Performance Insights" achieves almost the same thing.

However, unlike SQL Server Profiler, I have not found a way to target a particular session

Hope this helps...

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