when transmit data from esp32 to an esp32,does the BLE's libary contain errorchecking? AKA resending packets? uses Ack-Naks? error correction also?


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There is error checking. You can check if a write was successful.

A Ble packet consist of:

  • Preamble: RF synchronization sequence.

  • Access address: 32 bits, advertising or data access addresses (it is used to identify the communication).

  • Header: its content depends on the packet type (advertising or data

  • Length: Length of the data payload(When encryption is used, the
    message integrity code (MIC) at the end of the packet is 4 bytes, so this leads to 251 bytes as actual maximum available payload size.

  • Checksum: CRC.

    There is no error correction or resending of packets, unless you implement it yourself. So,if a write was not successful you can resend a packet.

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