I am trying to get the count of a number of records from a few mongodb collections as part of an http request. I have the following code to process the http request but have some confusion getting other information.

app.get('/shopdetails/:id', function(req, res) {
  Shop.findOne({_id: req.params.id})
    .exec(function(err, data) {
     if (err) { return res.status(500).send() };

     const id = data._id;
     //1. Get number of employees count from Employee collection
     //2. Get number of product count from Product collection
     // Each collection has a field _shop as a ref field so I can
     // do 
     // Employee.countDocuments({_shop: id}) or
     // Product.countDocuments({_shop: id})

How do I use async/await to get each count before returning the response?


Try this

app.get('/shopdetails/:id', async function(req, res) {
   const getData = await Shop.findOne({_id: req.params.id});
   const getDataEmploye = await Employee.countDocuments({_shop: id});
   const getDataProduct = await Product.countDocuments({_shop: id});
   // after that, you will get respons from Shop and Employe collection. Check console.log(getData), console.log(getDataEmploye), console.log(getDataProduct)
   //you can doing anything after get that collection data
   } catch(err){


Hope this clue can help you. Thank you

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    I would suggest adding a try-catch block. Otherwise good answer. – Haris Bouchlis Feb 6 at 7:41

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