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I'm a bit new to Swift and I run into a problem that I can not solve. I have a String with a value that represents a hexadecimal, for example "#004080". This value comes directly from a database, and I want to use it to modify the color of a UIlabel, but I cannot do it.

This is my summary code:

let color1 = "004080"

//try do this:
plato1.textColor = UIColor(hex: color1)

// Cannot convert value of type 'String' to expected argument type 'Int'

//Try this too:
plato1.textColor = UIColor(hex: Int(Color1)!)

//This returns a different color: 4080, not 004080

extension UIColor {

    convenience init(hex: Int) {
        let components = (
            R: CGFloat((hex >> 16) & 0xff) / 255,
            G: CGFloat((hex >> 08) & 0xff) / 255,
            B: CGFloat((hex >> 00) & 0xff) / 255
        self.init(red: components.R, green: components.G, blue: components.B, alpha: 1)

A little messy the hexadecimals with swift for me.

Any advice?

Thanks you!

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    See this if it helps you. – iRiziya Feb 6 at 9:25
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    Thanks iRiziya. I found the solution in that thead. Thank you very much!! – Mimmetico Feb 6 at 9:42

You could split your string into two-character-Strings that represent the RGB each individually. This would solve your problem with leading zeroes not being displayed.

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