When I change the background color of the navigation bar, it is opaque like the following.

UINavigationBar.appearance().backgroundColor = .black

enter image description here

Then if I set translucent to false, I don't see any color like the following

UINavigationBar.appearance().backgroundColor = .black    
UINavigationBar.appearance().isTranslucent = true

enter image description here

Any idea on how to make a solid background color?


Set it's barTintColor


UINavigationBar.appearance().isTranslucent = false
UINavigationBar.appearance().barTintColor = .red
  • @YunCHan My bad. that's barTintColor not tintColor. Updated answer – staticVoidMan Feb 6 at 9:34
  • Oh, BARtintColor! Thanks it worked. – Yun C Han Feb 6 at 9:35
  • 1
    @YunCHan Yeahh... just tintColor will affect the color of the navigationItems such as the bar button's font color. – staticVoidMan Feb 6 at 9:38

You should set the barTintColor instead of the backgroundColor:

The tint color to apply to the navigation bar background.


UINavigationBar.appearance().barTintColor = .black

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