I am new with Virtuoso so I faced too much problems while reading their chaotic documentation and implementing some code in Java.

Finally I managed to make some RDF Loader but I can see on their documentation there is special bulk loader which I do not know how to implement in Java.

Here is my code which is working fine:

 VirtDataset virtuosoDataset = new VirtDataset(virtuosoLocation, virtuosoUser, virtuosoPass);      
 Model model = virtuosoDataset.getDefaultModel();
 model.read(reader, ConfigurationFile.getProperty(JENAXMLBASE));

When I use get method over the Virtuoso I can get the objects that are inserted.

My questions are:

  1. Can i see the imported model somehow on Virtuoso Gui?

  2. Is this the right way to load bulk objects in Virtuoso?

  • Note that the Community Forum provided by OpenLink Software is a more direct path to help with Virtuoso. That said -- for a number of reasons, the RDF Bulk Loader is the optimal method. Other means may be used, but will be less efficient in many ways. I'm not sure what you mean by your first question. – TallTed Feb 6 at 15:16
  • My first question is ibecause I am using VirtDataset(localhost:111) so it loads the model in some databse and where can i see the ImportedModel on localhost:8890/conductor Also about RDF Bulk Loader can you give me some example of implementation in Java – Bambus Feb 6 at 15:31
  • Being addressed at community.openlinksw.com/t/… ... Summary is expected to be posted here. – TallTed Feb 8 at 16:47

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