Suppose there is a list of items displayed and stored in the cache. If I do any CRUD operations on these items, it always fetches data from cache and displays it, which is old. Is it possible to store live data in the cache?

  self.addEventListener('fetch', function(event) {
      console.log("Inside fetch");
        // Try the network
          .then(function(res) {
            console.log('from network');
            return caches.open(CACHE_DYNAMIC_NAME)
              .then(function(cache) {
                // Put in cache if succeeds
                cache.put(event.request.url, res.clone());
                return res;
          .catch(function(err) {
              // Fallback to cache
              console.log('from cache');
              return caches.match(event.request);
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    Isn't "live data in / from cache" an oxymoron? Anyway, seems like you need to invalidate your cache entries. Try that as search terms. It's not clear to me what the problem is, though: you seem to first fetch from the network, and only use the cache if that fails. Can you edit your question and clarify? – Robert Feb 6 at 18:55

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