I am struggling to figure out how to model a function that returns an Async Result type.


type Get<'requestor,'item,'error> = 'requestor -> Async<Result<'item list,'error>>


I didn't run into this issue until I had to write C# code that relies on an F# function type. Hence, my C# code is performing IO and as a result wants to use a Task type.

Failed Attempt:

I want to write idiomatic F# code and do not want to sprinkle C# Task types all over my F# signatures.

For example, I don't want to do this:

type Get<'requestor,'item,'error> = 'requestor -> Task<Result<'item list,'error>>

My challenge is that I haven't figured out a way to return:

Async<Result<'item list,'error>>

Here's an example of my failure:

let someLongRunningOperation = async { Ok [1] } // Returns Async<unit> instead of AsyncResult


In conclusion, how can I return an Async Result type referencing the following failed example:

let someLongRunningOperation = async { Ok [1] }

Inside a computation expression, you need to use the return keyword to wrap values in that CE's types. So this:

let someLongRunningOperation = async { Ok [1] }

should be corrected to this:

let someLongRunningOperation = async { return Ok [1] }

And then you'll be returning an Async<Result>.

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