Is it possible to automatically route/redirect events from Azure Event Hub to Azure Service Bus

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Basically i want to have a system-wide (used by the entire company) event hub and a service bus for a specific system (System X) (which is composed of multiple services)

Instead of developing a service that would read from Azure Event Hub and write to Azure Service Bus (System X Event Gateway), i would like to know whether there is a way to configure something like this in Azure.

I know that it is somewhat possible with Azure Logic Apps, but i doubt its performance, i need the messages to be routed immediately and in Logic Apps the default interval is 3 minutes. I also don't know whether it is the best way to do it, there might be another Azure product that i'm unaware of.

What do you suggest?

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    You may not be able to do this out of box if you are not using Azure Logic Apps. Event grid doesn't support Service Bus yet . In this situation Best way is to write and subscribe azure function and redirect the event to service bus. Other out of box option i am not aware either. – Imran Arshad Feb 6 '19 at 21:46
  • @Imran Will azure function yield better performance than azure logic apps? It's just that doing it with azure logic apps is extremely simple, not to mention, I don't even have to write any code. – areller Feb 6 '19 at 22:38
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    The only difference in term of Logic Apps and function is Declarative vs programming approach , and they both are serverless. Not sure of Logic apps , but Azure functions are triggered model and you should get your events redirect in near real time. If you can achieve this with logic apps go for it. – Imran Arshad Feb 6 '19 at 22:46

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