Is there any link which provides information on all available hooks in protractor. For Instance, in webdriverIO we have the below :

    onPrepare: function (config, capabilities) {},

    beforeSession: function (config, capabilities, specs) {},

    before: function (capabilities, specs) {},

    beforeSuite: function (suite) {},

    beforeHook: function () {},

    afterHook: function () {},

    beforeTest: function (test) {},

    beforeCommand: function (commandName, args) {},

    afterCommand: function (commandName, args, result, error) {},

    afterTest: function (test) {},

    afterSuite: function (suite) {},

    after: function (result, capabilities, specs) {},

    afterSession: function (config, capabilities, specs) {},

    onComplete: function (exitCode, config, capabilities, results) {},

    onReload: function(oldSessionId, newSessionId) {},

I am looking for similar hooks in protractor.


I can't ensure these are 100% comprehensive but this is something I generated a while ago. Protractor and Jasmine hooks in the order they run.

--- beforeLaunch           
    --- onPrepare          
      --- jasmineStarted   (set in jasmine reporter)
        --- beforeAll
         --- suiteStarted  (set in jasmine reporter)
          --- specStarted  (set in jasmine reporter)
           --- beforeEach  
           +++ afterEach   
          +++ specDone     (set in jasmine reporter)
         +++ suiteDone     (set in jasmine reporter)
        +++ afterAll
      +++ jasmineDone      (set in jasmine reporter)
    +++ onComplete         
+++ afterLaunch

If there are further hooks I have missed I would also appreciate someone pointing them out to here.

You can read more about Protractor hooks here and more about the Jasmine hooks here

Additional code based on comment

onComplete: function (passed) {
    if (!passed) {
            uri: https: '//${browserstack.user}:${browserstack.key}@api.browserstack.com/automate/sessions/${ browser.sessionId }.json', method: 'PUT', form: { status: 'error' },
  • Thanks for the response. I need to add a api request in my protractor config file to update the test results to pass/fail after each test in Browserstack. I am confused if I have to user onComplete or afterLaunch ? I am pretty much sure I cannot use the afterAll or afterLaunch in the config. But I could not get it to work when I use onComplete – Ninja Feb 7 '19 at 10:26
  • Adding the code. onComplete:function(failures) { if (failures) { request({ uri:https://${browserstack.user}:${browserstack.key}@api.browserstack.com/automate/sessions/${ browser.sessionId }.json, method:'PUT', form: { status:'error' }, }); } }, – Ninja Feb 7 '19 at 10:29
  • Are you using Protractor with Jasmine? – DublinDev Feb 7 '19 at 10:35
  • Yes. Protractor with Jasmine – Ninja Feb 7 '19 at 12:09
  • 1
    Makes sense to me. I will try doing this way. thanks for your help – Ninja Feb 8 '19 at 8:30

Protractor is just a wrapper for selenium-webdriver so they don't have any hooks. I suspect you are looking using a framework to drive your tests like jamsmine or cucumber so you will need to use their hooks. Think of it like Protractor being the car and jasmine being the driver telling the car what to do and when to do it.

There is 1 hook(not really a hook but similar) that you can use and that is the onPrepare in the protractor config file.

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