We have a job portal website built with MEAN Stack with over 100,000 active jobs and 1,000 active company profile pages. This data is completely dynamic. Every day tens of job postings and companies are registered. The problem is that we should keep the sitemap.xml file(s) always updated with the latest active links.

Does anybody know the best practice to keep the sitemap.xml always updated in such a dynamic website?


In your express app you can add a sitemap.xml route like so

const xml = require('xml');
... // other routes

app.get('/sitemap.xml', function (req, res) {
   // get routes from database or others
   response.set('Content-Type', 'text/xml');

Your jobs could contain last edited date and the url to your jobs so it could be very accurate.

Or there are packages like express-sitemap-xml you can use that uses a great example to get routes from a database and generates a sitemap.xml

const express = require('express')
const expressSitemapXml = require('express-sitemap-xml')

const app = express()

app.use(expressSitemapXml(getUrls, 'https://bitmidi.com'))

async function getUrls () {
  return await getUrlsFromDatabase() // this function would be to get your database jobs into an object

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