When performing a right click --> deploy on a function app, how do we provide the --publish-local-settings switch?

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The documentation states:

By default, these settings are not migrated automatically when the project is published to Azure. Use the --publish-local-settings switch when you publish to make sure these settings are added to the function app in Azure.


The most common deployment method involves using Core Tools to package your function app project, binaries, and dependencies and deploy the package to your function app. You can optionally run your functions directly from the deployment package.

To publish a Functions project to a function app in Azure, use the publish command ( in bash):

func azure functionapp publish <FunctionAppName>

The following project publish options apply for both versions, 1.x and 2.x:

Option	Description
--publish-local-settings -i	Publish settings in local.settings.json to Azure, prompting to overwrite if the setting already exists. If you are using the storage emulator, you change the app setting to an actual storage connection.
--overwrite-settings -y	Suppress the prompt to overwrite app settings when --publish-local-settings -i is used.

Basically you can use --publish-local-settings -i after publish function to override your azure application settings. You can read and download the Azure Function Core tools from here:- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-run-local

If you want to deploy app setting from Visual studio, please click on publish and follow theses steps:

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Hope it helps.

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