I have a node server that uses Sails framework.

When I run, it returns this message:

info: To see your app, visit http://localhost:1337
info: To shut down Sails, press <CTRL> + C at any time.

Is possible to add a route path to the default URL?

Instead of http://localhost:1337, use http://localhost:1337/test/

I tried to run with npm start sails lift --appPath=/test/ but does not do anything.


If you want Sails.js to lift to a specific page during testing you can make a new view-action (or use view-homepage-or-redirect if you downloaded the app) then in the action you can set

if (sails.config.environment !== 'production') {
   throw {redirect:'/test'};

If you end up making a new action for this dont forget to add it to your routes.js

  • Into module.exports.routes @Raqem? – gtx911 Feb 8 at 7:48
  • Your config.routes.js like: GET /': { action: 'view-homepage-or-redirect' } – Raqem Feb 8 at 15:28

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