In the following yield call I need to label each result. In the link: https://redux-saga.js.org/docs/api/, there is an example but I am unable to relate to that as I am using map here. The label I want to use here is obtained from another array. So for each element of label array there should be a yield call.

I want to use label so that I can relate to what response to which item? Also I don't want yield call to throw error as soon as one request fails and I want to make yield call to wait until all calls are completed and then throw any errors. How can I achieve them and how can I make use of that label from the result of each call?

const apiCall = async (
    client: ServiceRootClient,
    item: itemReq
): Promise<any> => {
    const results = await client
        .(some unrelated stuff)

    return results;

export labelArray = {
  id: string

export item = {
  attribute1: string;
  attribute2: string;
  attribute3: string;

const items : item[] = [{
    attribute1: "bal.blah..",
    attribute2:  "bal.blah..",
    attribute3:  "bal.blah.."
}, {
    attribute1: "bal.blah..",
    attribute2:  "bal.blah..",
    attribute3:  "bal.blah.."

const labelArr : labelArray[] = [
        id: "1st item"
        id: "2nd item"

  const result = yield all([id: // id is from labelArr 
            items.map(item => call(apiCall, action.metadata.client, item))

Thanks in advance 😊

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