I'm using MVVM pattern in my app, and I want to save messages to the app database, on receiving push notification.

The saving of data works fine if I use AndroidViewModel from the Activity.

messageViewModel = ViewModelProviders.of(this).get(MessageViewModel.class);

Here the messageReceived is the ROOM Entity object and messageViewModel is my AndroidViewModel

Now the same insert function I want to use inside my NotificationReceiver. I tried to initialize my MessageRepository inside onReceive and used the context of onReceive(Context context).

messageRepository = new MessageRepository(context);
messages = messageRepository.getAllMessages();

This lead me to an error android.content.context can not be applied to android.app.application

I also tried to use the Application context from a static method eg. App.getContext(), but this doesn't work.

 class App extends Application{
 public static Application getApplication() {
    return app;

where app is an static variable of type Application, this works fine when app is open but when app is closed this is not working.

app = App.this;

My AndroidViewModel:

public class MessageViewModel extends AndroidViewModel {

private MessageRepository messageRepository;
private LiveData<List<Message>> messages;

public MessageViewModel(@NonNull Application application) {
    messageRepository = new MessageRepository(application);
    messages = messageRepository.getAllMessages();

public void insert(Message message) {

public void update(Message message) {

public void delete(Message message) {

public void deleteAll() {

public LiveData<List<Message>> getAll() {
    return messages;

your help will be appreciated.

  • Rather than returning context object in your App class, return object of class itself using this keyword which might solve your issue. – Jeel Vankhede Feb 7 at 4:28
  • @JeelVankhede, I tried this, not working when app is closed, thanks for your help – HAXM Feb 7 at 6:05
  • Another thing to try is use context from onReceive() method and get application context from it. I.e. context.getApplicationContext();. – Jeel Vankhede Feb 7 at 6:21
  • yes, I thought the same and this was the first thing I tried, but I got the error android.content.context can not be applied to android.app.application incompatible type. I even typecasted to Application, but didn't helped. – HAXM Feb 7 at 6:28
  • can you show me code for your repository and how you use it in ViewModel? – Jeel Vankhede Feb 7 at 6:33

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