I am trying to implement a notification system similar to Facebook in Symfony 4.2. I tried installing gos/web-socket-bundle with composer. But it always return an error with error code 1. Is there any other alternate solution to implement this or suggest the method to fix this issue. https://packagist.org/packages/gos/web-socket-bundle In GosWebSocketExtension.php line 206: Shared configuration required Twig Bundle

Script cache:clear returned with error code 1

I tried installing with the following command composer require gos/web-socket-bundle


Please do Ratchet + Symfony Combination.

Ratchet is the best solution, I recommend. (http://socketo.me/docs/install)


You need install two requires to fix it:

composer require symfony/tiwg-bundle 
composer require symfony/security-bundle

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