I am generating a static site in assemble. Often, there is an error in a particular file being processed, such as forgetting to close a block in a handlebars template.

At the moment, regardless of what causes the error, it's hard to find the actual path to the file causing the error. For example, during a handlebars parsing error, I just get Error: Parse error on line 53 - there is no mention of the path.

I feel that this is probably coming from me not understanding the proper process to do this in assemble itself.

The relevant bits of my assemblefile.js:

const assemble = require('assemble');
const app = assemble();
const extname = require('gulp-extname');
const log = require('fancy-log');

app.on('error', function(err) {
  log.error("Error: ", err);

app.task('content:pages', function() {
  return app.src('source/*.hbs')
    .pipe(debug({title: 'content:pages:'}))

Since I started using gulp-debug I can get a list of files which are being processed in the task, but if there are a lot of files, it's very hard to know which file caused the error, without going through each file, one by one.

I had also tried using something like:

.on('error', console.log)

If it happens to be an error of the type PluginError, then I can get the information from err.helper.context.path, but most of the errors that I'm getting are just regular Error types which only contain err.message and err.stack - neither of which typically mention the path of the file causing the error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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