So I have my Samsung S7 with Samsung Internet browser 8.2 which is December 2018 release according to wikipedia.

And mp4 H.264 video in CAVLC encoding (aka Baseline profile) is not working, while video in CABAC (aka High profile) are working fine.

On Xiaomi's Mi browser it looks like the same story.

Both browsers are seems like quite popular in some countries.

According to this answer https://superuser.com/a/489092

  • Baseline profile if you're targeting old mobile devices

  • Main or High profile if you're targeting web streaming, long-term storage, PCs or Macs, Blu-ray authoring, etc.

So to continue the answer, is there any list of most popular mobile browsers and/or mobile device vendors which are support or do not support CAVLC/CABAC?

  • No, there is no list. – szatmary Feb 7 at 15:30

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