I have a loop that converts each latter from a string to its hex value equivalent but there's an esthetic downside when it comes to the values between 0x0 and 0xF which can be written also as 0x00, 0x02... 0x0F. I need an easy way to add zero in front of each of these values so they will be represented as 01, 03... 0D and not just 1, 3... D.

This is the for loop I'm using at the moment:

for i in range(0, len(text)):
   HexText = HexText + " " + format(ord(text[i]), "X") 

where "text" is a string and "HexText" is a buffer for later use.

  • Can you share your text value? – Alderven Feb 7 at 16:38

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