I am using Pentaho which is an ETL tool for data transformation. It has a symmetric cryptography step which is used for encrypting individual fields. I am using AES as encryption algorithm and 128 bit secret key field. Output of the above field is fed in Table output step and pushed into Mysql Table. I can see encrypted values in my DB table, but while retriving those values using Mysql AES_DECRYPT(column_name, secret_key) , I am getting Null results. I am using the same secret key as used in encryption and the column type in is varbinary(100). As far as I understand, AES is a standard encryption procedure and MySQL should be able to decrypt field encrypted in symmetric cryptography step by Pentaho. Am i missing something?

  • In short, I am inserting encrypted values in my table using a tool which uses AES Encryption but while fetching the field back using sql query, I am getting null results. – Lokesh jain Feb 7 at 11:53

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