I tried to create some messages in my Topic test_partitions_41 but I got this error:

[2019-02-07 14:53:17,484] WARN [Producer clientId=perfs-0e930f51-38a1-5baa-8fcf-f2b1033a73f0] Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 738756 : {test_partitions_41=UNKNOWN_TOPIC_OR_PARTITION} (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)

when I checked the topic, I found that partitions have neither Leader nor isr:

Topic:test_partitions_41        PartitionCount:4        ReplicationFactor:4     Configs:
        Topic: test_partitions_41       Partition: 0    Leader: none    Replicas: 4,1,2,3       Isr:
        Topic: test_partitions_41       Partition: 1    Leader: none    Replicas: 1,2,3,4       Isr:
        Topic: test_partitions_41       Partition: 2    Leader: none    Replicas: 2,3,4,1       Isr:
        Topic: test_partitions_41       Partition: 3    Leader: none    Replicas: 3,4,1,2       Isr:

I ve been looking for the problem where it comes from, and I found that 2 brokers were down when I ve been sending messages to this Topic.

I found also that poste which talk about PartitionStateChange, they said that Topic in newpartition's state doesn't have either Leader nor isr.

How should I resolve this problem without removing topic?

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I got it!!

The problem comes from broker controller, to resolve this problem I ressigned a new controller by zookeeper, this is the command I've runned in zookeeper:

su - kafka -c 'zookeeper-shell localhost:2181 rmr /controller'
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    Note: Do not run this in production Feb 7, 2019 at 23:19
  • OneCricketeer, I think it's ok with production envs too, because I saw this in the kafka documentation. it just trigger new controller election. Apr 11 at 3:45

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