Is there a way to return page contents (which is indexed in _text_ field) or the textual content of an indexed document in the returned results from a Solr query?

The document page contents are indexed in _text_ field, but if I use that as my filtered list (fl) I just get {} returned.

  • Could you show your example of the query? Are you sure that your text field is stored? – Mysterion Feb 8 at 12:04

The default definition for the _text_ field is for it to be indexed but not stored, which means you can use if for searches (e.g. in the q parameter) but you cannot fetch its value (e.g. in the fl parameter)

You can look at the definition for this field with the following command:

$ curl localhost:8983/solr/name-of-core/schema/fields/_text_

  • Thanks.. I had searched and reached the conclusion it was indexed and not stored. Your cURL definition certainly helped me. I assumed that if you can query the index and find a match that you should still be able to return the indexed values, even as a 'bag of words' without the stop words etc. – GoodJuJu Feb 8 at 20:12

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