I have a PWA that uses subdomains sometimes. The problem that I found happens when app redirects to another subdomain: Address bar shows up. This affects app-like experience.

Someone knows a solution to hide address bar when using subdomains?

app screen

  • I'd guess that this (showing the address when you change origins) is a security feature to prevent phishing attacks and that there will be nothing you can do about it other than not using different subdomains. – Quentin Feb 7 at 19:00
  • Is there a way to validate different subdomains? It is not redirecting to a different domain, I understand the security question but I guess the redirect keeps the same environment (domain). – Eduardo Feb 7 at 19:42

I also faced a similar issue when redirecting to subdomains. The address bar normally shows up when the PWA is not correctly set-up to behave like an app. In my case, the manifest.json was not loading properly after redirecting.

This link may also prove useful - Chrome PWA

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