I tried use Anko DBHelper inherit ManagedSQLiteOpenHelper (standard example from Anko docs) in fun onCreate() I want insert some default rows. Rows data I get from R.string.

            "name" to mContext.getString(R.string.db_category_default),
            "color" to "#FF6677"

It's working but i got (in Android Studio) memory leak warning in line:

 private var instance: DbHelper? = null

More code from DbHelper.kt:

class DbHelper(ctx: Context) : ManagedSQLiteOpenHelper(ctx, DB_NAME, null, DB_VERSION) {

private val mContext : Context = ctx

companion object {
    private var instance: DbHelper? = null

    fun getInstance(ctx: Context): DbHelper {
        if (instance == null) {
            instance = DbHelper(ctx.applicationContext)
        return instance!!

override fun onCreate(db: SQLiteDatabase) {

In extension.kt I have

val Context.database: DbHelper
   get() = DbHelper.getInstance(applicationContext)

How can I avoid this potencial memory leak with possibility use R.string.db_category_default inside DbHelper onCreate().

I also use App.kt

class App : Application() {

maybe this is good place to create instance of DbHelper without making singleton (companion object) in DbHelper? Or use WeakReference?

I saw that a similar question is repeated, but unfortunately I did not find the answer that I would be able to implement :(

thank you for your time and sorry for the rather chaotic question.

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