I am making a Android Things app that records video for x time using the rasberry pie 3 camera module and when I try to open the newly created mp4 file, it says its unable to play?

I have also noticed that all of the video footages are of a specific file size aka 3.4kb despite forcing my app to record longer(10mins)

Maybe I am not setting it up properly? I don't see any errors in the logs though.

Here is my code that creates a surface object for a camera to use:

private fun setMediaOutputSurface(): Surface {

    var file = File(context.getExternalFilesDir(null).absolutePath)
    if (file.canWrite() && file.canRead()) {
        Log.d("JJJ", "File location is fine")
        var files = file.listFiles()

        for (item in files) {
            Log.d("JJJ", "File  is " + item.name)


    val texture = mTextureView.surfaceTexture
    texture.setDefaultBufferSize(mTextureView.width, mTextureView.height)
    val surfaces = ArrayList<Surface>()
    val surfacePreview = Surface(texture)

    mediaRecorder = MediaRecorder().apply {
        setOutputFile(context.filesDir.absolutePath + "/" + System.currentTimeMillis() + ".mp4")
        setVideoSize(1920, 1080)
        setVideoEncodingBitRate(512 * 1000)
        Log.d("JJJ", "Finished preparing on file path " + context.filesDir.absolutePath + "/" + System.currentTimeMillis() + ".mp4")

    return mediaRecorder.surface

This is the camera state callback

  var cameraStateCalback = object : CameraDevice.StateCallback() {
        override fun onOpened(camera: CameraDevice?) {
            if (camera != null) {
                Log.d("JJJ", "onOpened and will now create handler and capture session")
                //create handler thread
                val thread = HandlerThread("MyHandlerThread")
                val handler = Handler(thread.looper)

                //create capture session
                val mediaRecorderSurface = setMediaOutputSurface()

                Log.d("JJJ", "About to create capture session")
                camera.createCaptureSession(Collections.singletonList(mediaRecorderSurface), cameraCaptureSessionCallBack, handler)
                Log.d("JJJ", "Created thread handler and capture session")

This is the function that starts recording

 override fun startRecording(videoCameraCallback: VideoCameraCallback, textureView: TextureView) {
        mTextureView = textureView
        val cameraIdList = cameraManager.cameraIdList
        val cameraCharacteristics = cameraManager.getCameraCharacteristics(cameraIdList[0])
        cameraManager.openCamera(cameraIdList[0], cameraStateCalback, null)
        Log.d("JJJ", "start recording called")

This is to stop recording

 override fun stopRecording() {

        Log.d("JJJ", "stop recording called")

And finally this is how everything starts

videoCameraRecorder = VideoCameraRecorder(applicationContext)

            videoCameraRecorder.startRecording( object : VideoCameraCallback {
                override fun onFinishedRecordingSuccess() {
                    Log.d(TAG, "onFinishedRecordingSuccess")

                override fun onFinishedRecordingFailure() {
                    Log.d(TAG, "onFinishedRecordingFailure")
            }, textureView)

            }, 100000)
        }, 5000)

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