I am migrating an app to EF Core and I ran into issue with the model definition.

Assume this simple scenario:

public class AEntity
    public ICollection<BEntity> Bs { get; set; }

public class BEntity
   public int AId { get; set; }      

I use the convention class name+Entity to distinguish between proper full blown classes and the DB model. But I obviously don't want to use the same naming in the database, I only want to have table names like A, B, ..

I can simply override this naming convention in OnModelCreating using .Relational().TableName = getRidOfEntity(...).

But now, if I want to list the objects of type AEntity I get this error:

'Invalid column name 'AEntityId'.

Obviously the EF Core creates the foreign key using the original class name and does not look in the overriden model.

How can I rename the foreign key column name in the model? I do not want to use annotations or specify list of types/FKs via fluent API. The model strictly holds some conventions so there are not ambiguities and everything can be set up this way.

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