I need to import _ from lodash library which will import all classes from lodash. Is there any solution to avoid importing this '_', by only importing the required libraries.

import _ from 'lodash';

import './style.css';
import _ from 'lodash';
{pick,head,uniqBy,map,partialRight as pr,omit} from 'lodash';

const baseProps = ['dc', 'effDate', 'expDate'];

const data = [{"dc":1,"effDate":"1/2/2019","expDate":"1/2/2019","rate":1,"minCharge":2},{"dc":1,"effDate":"1/2/2019","expDate":"1/2/2019","rate":2,"minCharge":6},{"dc":1,"effDate":"1/2/2019","expDate":"1/2/2019","rate":4,"minCharge":7}];

const result =_(data).groupBy('effDate')
  .map(g => ({
    ...pick(head(g), baseProps),
    rateCharge: uniqBy(map(g, pr(omit, baseProps)), 'rate')  


Actual & Expected Output
    "dc": 1,
    "effDate": "1/2/2019",
    "expDate": "1/2/2019",
    "rateCharge": [
        "rate": 1,
        "minCharge": 2
        "rate": 2,
        "minCharge": 6
        "rate": 4,
        "minCharge": 7

My organization coding standard won't allow importing '_" from 'loadash', because it will import the entire library. As I am working in Typescritp Angular I am not able to find alternate solution.


Just remove

import _ from 'lodash';

and change this line:

import {pick,head,uniqBy,map,partialRight as pr,omit} from 'lodash';

to this:

import {pick,head,uniqBy,map,partialRight as pr,omit, groupBy} from 'lodash';

also change this line:

const result =_(data).groupBy('effDate’)

To this:

const result =data.groupBy('effDate’)

it should work.

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