Need to solve with pdf.js:

a) Using pdf.js It's possible get annotations with getAnnotations() but not any information regarding the text within that annotation. How to extract it?

b) How to fetch a stream from an object (ref: gen num) like:

/N: 8 0 R

I have got answers to my doubts using:

I'll explain the problem and solution.


Extract text from annotations in PDFs using PDF.js display layer.


PDF.js has different layers:

  1. Core: layer where a binary PDF is parsed
  2. Display: using core layer render PDFs an get information of a document
  3. Viewer: UI for PDF viewer in Firefox and other browser extension

For extracting text from annotation it's necessary work in Core and Display layer.

I. Core layer:

Create a public property (annotationText) with all the texts in annotation

a) Modify src/core/annotation.js

a.1) class Annotation constructor: add a line and the end of the constructor

    // Expose public properties using a data object.
    this.data = {
      annotationText: this._extractText(params) // -> Add this line *****


a.2) class Annotation - add method for extract text:

      _extractText(params) {
      // AP - Appearance Dictionary
      let appearanceDictionary = params.dict.get('AP');
      // N - Stream 
      let normalAppearance = appearanceDictionary.xref.fetch(appearanceDictionary._map.N);


      let numParentheses = 0;
      let streamText = '';

      for (let i = 0; i < normalAppearance.buffer.length; i++) {
        if (String.fromCharCode(normalAppearance.buffer[i]) === ")") {
        if (numParentheses > 0) {
        streamText += String.fromCharCode(normalAppearance.buffer[i]);
        if (String.fromCharCode(normalAppearance.buffer[i]) === "(") {

      return streamText;

b) Bundle all src/ files into two production scripts (pdf.js and pdf.worker.js)

 $ gulp generic

II. Display layer:

Display texts in annotationText

    function (annotations) {

      let textInAnnotations = ""
      for (annotation in annotations) {

         textInAnnotations = textInAnnotations + " - " + annotations[annotation].annotationText


      console.log("Text in annotations: "+textInAnnotations)


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