I faced with problem for my custom build task. I run script task like this

gradle buildDevelopAndPostToFabric --releaseNotes="Test Release Notes"

But both release notes and beta group not appears on my Fabric account.

Fabric variables for Gradle I took from here

def app_name = 'My app'
def BETA_GROUP = "beta_publish"

def beforePublish() {
    ext.betaDistributionGroupAliases = "Android testers"
    ext.betaDistributionNotifications = true

slack {
    url 'SLACK_URL'
    dependsOnTasks 'buildRCAndPostToFabric', 'buildReleaseAndPostToFabric', 'buildDevelopAndPostToFabric'
    title app_name

import org.gradle.api.tasks.options.Option

class Note extends DefaultTask {
    @Option(option = "releaseNotes", description = "Release notes for build")
    String releaseNotes

    void setReleaseNotes() {
        ext.betaDistributionReleaseNotes = releaseNotes

task buildRCAndPostToFabric(type: Note) {
    group = BETA_GROUP
    doFirst {
    dependsOn 'cleanBuildCache'
    dependsOn 'assembleRc'
    finalizedBy 'crashlyticsUploadDistributionProductionRc'

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