I just concluded my GitHub integration with Jenkins so that every time I commit code to my GitHub repository, Jenkins automatically builds. Now I'm trying to integrate SonarCloud too but I haven't been successful. I'm not looking to integrate with a local SonarQube server, I really need SonarCloud for my team to check it every time Jenkins builds.

I'm not sure if I should analyse the project locally to achieve this or if I can analyse my Jenkins server or GitHub repository and get the result I want because I can't find any documentation.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


Sonarcloud is just a sonarqube server.

Just use sonar-scanner(the documentation for jenkins can be found here).

At first, you need to install the jenkins plugin for sonar-scanner.

After that, you open the configuration of sonar-scanner using Manage Jenkins > Configure System.

Insert https://sonarcloud.io under Server URL and your sonar token(of sonarclound) under Server authentication token

image showing how to configure it

Under Manage Jenkins > Configure System, you should check Enable injection of SonarQube server configuration as build environment variables and in Build Environment in your job, you should enable Prepare SonarScanner environment.

After you've done that, you can run sonar-scanner with $SONAR_MAVEN_GOAL (if you are using maven), ./gradlew sonarqube (if you are using gradle) or sonar-scanner (if you use none of that).

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