I'm installing xdebug with pecl sudo pecl install xdebug and I get: checking Check for supported PHP versions... configure: error: not supported. Need a PHP version >= 7.0.0 and < 7.3.0 (found 5.6.30)
I installed the latest PHP v7.2 with homebrew, but pecl finds the outdated MacOS built-in version of PHP, how can I make pecl find the latest version?


Can you try?

pecl -d php_suffix=7.2 install <package>

Also you can try to change pecl settings:

sudo pecl config-set php_ini /etc/php/7.2/cli/php.ini
sudo pecl config-set ext_dir /usr/lib/php/******/
sudo pecl config-set bin_dir /usr/bin/
sudo pecl config-set php_bin /usr/bin/php7.2
sudo pecl config-set php_suffix 7.2

And in case nothing works use the force:

sudo pecl install -f
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    Thanks! the config-set of the pecl settings did it. – Petruza Feb 8 at 14:52

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