we have a shiny app hosted in Heroku. After 55 secs of user inactivity, the app will be grayed out. This is applicable for Chrome and Safari. Edge is working fine. Heroku have a default timeout for that, and it looks like it cannot be modified using the R buildpack (https://github.com/virtualstaticvoid/heroku-shiny-app).

    function ping() {
        if (!window.Shiny.shinyapp.isConnected()) {
    setInterval(ping, 2000);

We embedded below JS code to reconnect using the WebSocket, but the session data is lost. Is there anything else we can try?

Here is more info about our app: R 3.4.4 Shiny 1.1.0


After 55 secs of user inactivity, the app will be grayed out.

I had a similar problem, but the context was different (this was due to proxy settings and I didn't use Heroku) so I don't know whether the solution I used is an option for you (I post it here because my reply is too long for a comment).

I simply included these lines:

  autoInvalidate <- reactiveTimer(10000)

In this way a dot is printed in the console by every passage of 10 secs and my app didn't gray out anymore (though this is not really a "user activity").

  • this is an awesome workaround :) Thanks for your help Stephane! – stackoverflow2019 Feb 11 at 15:47
  • @stackoverflow2019 You mean this works? Nice. Please consider accepting the answer. Otherwise it is considered as non-answered by SO. – Stéphane Laurent Feb 11 at 15:52

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