After I issued an update via Google Play Store I noticed that all users had to go through onboarding and login again.

Since I store the fact that a user went through onboarding in react-natives's AsyncStorage I think the reason is that the state is not persisted between updates.

The code I use is something along the line of:

try {
  const value = await AsyncStorage.getItem(storageKey);
  if (!value) {
    await AsyncStorage.setItem(storageKey, 'pending');
} catch (err) {}

Later I set the state to 'done'. I use aws-amplify for authentication, which stores a logged in user into AsyncStroage as well (afik). This state is lost as well.

In the React-Native docs it says that AsyncStorage is persistend.

My question is: How do I get persistent state between updates across platforms?


I'm pretty sure it doesn't persist through updates, as you're downloading and installing new binaries. You might have to have an API call as a fallback if value is undefined.

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