Let's say we have 5 items for DropDownButton's items.

Normally we can see all of them in the window at the same time and so the widget does not allow scrolling.

However this behavior is not fluid when compared to the other lists in the app. And even if there are fewer elements than the maximum fitting number of elements, I would like to enable scrolling. This would show the Material effect on the top and bottom of the list to make the user feel that what they see is what there is.

I found out in DropDownButton.dart that:

// Do not use the platform-specific default scroll configuration. // Dropdown menus should never overscroll or display an overscroll indicator. class _DropdownScrollBehavior extends ScrollBehavior {
const _DropdownScrollBehavior();

@override TargetPlatform getPlatform(BuildContext context) => Theme.of(context).platform;

@override Widget buildViewportChrome(BuildContext context, Widget child, AxisDirection axisDirection) => child;

@override ScrollPhysics getScrollPhysics(BuildContext context) => const ClampingScrollPhysics(); }

So how would I implement this such that I can somehow override ScrollPhysics to return AlwaysScrollableScrollPhysics instead of ClampingScrollPhysics

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